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Carry Da Load United, LLC offers outstanding services for Freight Dispatching.

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Our Dispatch Service Benefits

Higher Rate Negotiation

CDLU offers higher rate negotiation with its clients.

T. O. N. U Policy

This Policy means to Assist Drivers with Truck Order Not Used.

Special Rates & Relationships

The best we do for our loyal clients is the Special Rates.

Broker Credit Checkts

Our Dispatch Service has policy for credits checks of broker.

Detention Time Assistance

Time Assistance is being the most valuable service of CDLU.

Direct Access to Dispatcher

CDLU is providing the direct access to your dispatcher now.

Set-Up Paper Work

No Need to worry about paper work at all. CDLU will manage it for you.

Establishing Your Break Even Point

Now it is CDLU's responsibility to establish your break even point.

Our Dispatch Service Benefits

Choose Your Fleet Size
* Prices May Vary Depending on Services Requested*


8-10 % Fee
  • 1-5 Trucks


6 % Fee
  • 6-9 Trucks


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  • 10+ Trucks

Equipment Types

53’ Dry Vans

48/53' Flatbed

53’ Reefer

26' Box Truck

Power Only

Hot Shots*

*Revenue and income potential may vary with Box truck and Hot Shot trucking.

We will set you up with a factoring service as an added client bonus to your company at no additional charges to you. Contact our freight management company today to get started. We help truck dispatching companies in the United States with one-on-one consulting services as well.

In order to register, we will need:

  • MC Number and active authority
  • A qualified driver
  • Truck and trailer combo
  • Copy of CDL for each driver
  • Signed W9
  • Proof of insurance: $1,000,000 in auto-liability and $100,000 in cargo coverage
  • Registration and security deposit that goes towards your last week of service.
  • Completed Dispatcher Carrier Agreement PDF