#CDLU Dispatcher Agreement

Dispatch Carrier Agreement

Carry Da Load United, LLC agrees to be the dispatcher for the Carrier. We will search for and book loads on your behalf.  As the dispatcher, we will handle all paperwork directly with the Broker/Shipper relating to the load transactions under the guidance of the Carrier and their Authority.

Carry Da Load United LLC agrees to communicate load information to drivers and brokers between 8 am-8 pm Monday through Friday. We are always available for emergency calls 24/7, 365 days a year.

We promise to always negotiate the best paying loads for the given area that a driver is in. We will communicate effectively with the carrier and be available to you. The carrier will be invoiced on a weekly basis. You will also be provided with all rate confirmations that you are being billed for.

Our Expectations:

  • Please communicate with us on any arrival, departures, loaded, empty, running late, traffic delays, weather delays, eta’s and any other problems as soon as possible so we can work with everyone involved to get every situation handled in advance and professionally.
  • We expect the driver to get the bill of lading signed and sent over ASAP, free of any OS&D so that the factoring company and/or Shipper/Broker can process promptly.

Below is a copy of our dispatcher carrier agreement pdf.  You can download and print it out and send it back via email or fax.