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Our priority is your satisfaction. CDL United is providing it's Partners the Top Notch services.


CDL United LLC Services

We would rather be thought of as a boutique of digital art than a factory which exceeds its capacity.

Strategic Load Planning

We've got the best logistics mapping tools to direct and keep your trucks heading to the freight hot-zones.

Personalized Services

We specialize in tailoring your carrier service, specifically for you. Let us know your desired regions, home-time requirements, and freight 'no-no's' and we'll do the rest.

Quality Over Quantity

Our dispatchers manage no more than five trucks each as we want to ensure that our clients are provided with the best service possible.


Dispatching fueled by Dedication

We are not just a Logistics Company. We are a Family of Dozens of businesses, growing together.

We work with owner-operators and fleet owners ensuring that we deliver our promise to service the customers all while we build and maintain long-term relationships with our clients, increase client profits, and make the process of trucking both simple and efficient.


Successful Projects


Quality Customers


Trusted Partners

Professional team delivering Quality!

Carry Da Load United, LLC is providing quality service and is powered by a collaboration of Great Minds. Come join the CDL United Family.


Clients' Testimonials

I just signed on and have already increased my company's revenue by 24%.

Robert Dwayne Owner, RD Trucking

I love working with dispatching service which is business focused and goal oriented. CDL United exceeded our expectations so far.

Lauren Davidson

We just added trucks to our company and now have a fleet. The systems & process Carry Da Load United, LLC has in place, makes the back office run smoothly.